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Bristol MPs say: 'Let's drive mini menaces off our streets'

Kerry McCarthy, Doug Naysmith and Dawn Primarolo welcome new clampdown on mini motorbikes

Today the Government announced new guidelines for tackling misuse of 'mini-motos', the mini motorbikes which are often driven recklessly in local neighbourhoods and cause misery for many residents in Bristol.

The new guidance will help the police effetively challenge those who are using mini-motos disruptively. The riders could receive points on their licence, face a driving ban, a fine or even have their vehicles crushed under guidance published by the Government's Respect Task Force today.

Kerry McCarthy says: "I've received many complaints about mini motorbikes from my constituents, so I welcome this clampdown. The vehicles are often driven dangerously and noisily at high speeds, causing damage and distress in local communities. People are telling me enough is enough".

In Bristol North West, Doug Naysmith adds: "Local residents should not be at risk from mini-motos on pavements, or kept up late at night by their noise. We need to ensure the police use their powers to prevent this antisocial behaviour".

Dawn Primarolo agrees: "I am pleased that extra guidelines have been introduced today, but it's critical that we maintain the pressure. Kerry, Doug and myself have raised this issue both locally and nationally, and will continue to press for more resources to be devoted to dealing with this problem".

The Government has already provided powers to tackle the misuse of mini-motos including: penalty notices for disorder; immediate seizure; noise abatement notices and prosecution resulting in fines, driving disqualification or a jail sentence for more serious offences. The new guidelines will provide further support for enforcement.

Home Secretary John Reid said: "We are working with police and local partners to promote safe and sensible use of mini-motos. These vehicles are not toys and I want to see irresponsible drivers stopped and if necessary their bikes crushed".

[2 August 2006]

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