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'It's yours - claim it' says Bristol South MP

Dawn Primarolo's campaign draws attention to new tax credits

Dawn Primarolo, Labour MP for Bristol South, is contacting thousands of her constituents to encourage them to claim their share of an extra £2.7 billion for families and the low-paid. This is just one part of Dawn's campaign to raise awareness of Labour's new tax credits, which come in this April.

Speaking today, Dawn says: "In September, as Paymaster General, I helped to launch the Government's national multi-media campaign to promote Labour's new tax credits. I'm now following this up locally to make sure that all my constituents are aware of the changes and how they could benefit".

Continuing, Dawn says: "Through letters to schools, community groups and over three thousand households all across my constituency, as well as putting information on my website, I'm doing all I can to pass on this simple message - it's rightfully yours so just make sure you claim".

From April 2003, Labour is providing more money to help more families through the Child Tax Credit, and extra money for the low-paid through the Working Tax Credit. By recognising the cost of bringing up children and helping to make work pay, they build on the success of the Working Families Tax Credit, the Disabled Persons Tax Credit and the Children's tax Credit to offer a better system of support for families and people in work.

Dawn concluded: "Nine out of ten families are eligible for Labour's new tax credits so I'm urging everyone to take a few minutes to log on to or call 0800 500 222, the Inland Revenue helpline".

[3 February 2003]

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