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Competition for all kids with new sports funding

Bristol South MP, and Public Health Minister, Dawn Primarolo today welcomed the announcement by the Government of new funding to give every child the chance to play competitive sport, backed up with £100m of new funding over the next three years.

Dawn said:

Young people in Bristol South should have opportunities to play competitive sport and get fit and healthy whilst having fun, so this extra funding is really good news”.

“People often worry about how children and young people aren’t active enough, don’t get out and about enough, and say that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. But we can do something”.

“Five years ago, only 25% of children did 2 hours of sport each week and the Government promised to increase it. That’s now up to 80% and we’ve shown that the Government, acting in partnership with schools and sports clubs, can make a real difference”.

“This new money will hopefully help schools and clubs in Bristol increase the numbers of children and young people who are active through playing competitive sport”.

The new scheme will provide money to increase the numbers of children who do a minimum level of sport by helping sports colleges, schools and clubs to work together. The Government wants to ensure every child and young person has the opportunity to do 2 hours of sport each week in school and 3 hours in their own time.

The new Competition Managers who will be funded through this project will work with the network of School Sports Co-ordinators to help schools organise school sports matches and sports days. They will also push to make sure sports facilities are used more in the evenings, weekends and during school holidays.

Dawn Primarolo MP called on local residents to get involved too:

“This is not just a responsibility for politicians – we need parents and others to volunteer to get involved through things like Timebank, which puts people who want to volunteer in touch with clubs who need extra help. This is a great time to be a volunteer in sport with young people, as volunteer commitment is being matched by government support and funding”.

[17 July 2007]

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