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Dawn Primarolo MP presents 4000 signature bus pass petition


A petition signed by over 4,000 people has been presented to Parliament by Bristol South Labour MP, Dawn Primarolo.  The petition declares pensioners’ support for the concessionary bus pass and urges the Government to ensure the bus pass does not become means-tested in future.

The petition was started by Judith Brown, Chair of Bristol Older People’s Forum, and has been signed by thousands of people in Bristol and beyond.   The petition highlights the importance of free bus travel for older and disabled people who use their pass to get out and about, keep in touch with family and friends, and take part in community activities.

Dawn commented,

“A number of local residents have been in touch with me to express their concern that free bus travel for older people is under threat following reports that the Lib Dems would scrap the universal free bus pass.  I was approached by Judith Brown and asked if I would be happy to present a petition to Parliament in support of the free bus pass.

“The previous Labour Government introduced the free bus pass and I know how popular the scheme is.  Since 2010 the Tory-Lib Dem Government has been attacking bus travel –public transport funding cuts have led to reduced bus services in Bristol and we also saw the concessionary coach travel scheme axed last year.”

“The Government will need to respond to the concerns raised by those who signed the petition and I look forward to hearing what they have to say.”

Judith Brown said:

“I started this petition when a member wrote in to say she was very worried about Nick Clegg's remarks. In a short time she had collected 1,000 signatures and we ended up with over 4,000 and several hundred more on an e-petition.  Pensioners need the free bus pass to help lead active lives, without it they're in danger of being cut off from everyday life. The words of the petition say exactly what I mean. We're all grateful to Dawn for presenting our bus petition to Parliament."

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