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The Government is ploughing ahead with its unpopular Health and Social Care Bill, and Dawn Primarolo has warned that there may only be weeks left to save the NHS as we know it.  With hundreds of constituents contacting Dawn to express their concerns about the Bill, Dawn is now calling on Bristol South residents to increase the pressure on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and ensure the Bill is dropped.

Commenting, Dawn said:

“I have been overwhelmed by the number of emails, letters and telephone calls I have received from residents who cannot understand why the Government seem determined to dig their heels in on this issue.  Doctors and nurses are against these changes, patients don’t want them, and trade unions from across the spectrum have united to try to convince the Government to drop the Bill.  I have raised a large number of concerns about the Bill direct with the Health Secretary, but he just won’t listen.  

March should be a fantastic month for the NHS in Bristol, with our brand new South Bristol Community Hospital opening its doors to patients.  But we have to work together to make sure that March 2012 isn’t remembered as the time when the NHS we know and love started to fall apart.   

Everybody knows that many Lib Dems have real reservations about this Bill, which could see waiting lists soar, increased bureaucracy, a postcode lottery, and the gradual creep towards the privatisation of the NHS.  Now it’s time for them to show the courage of their convictions, so I’m calling on Nick Clegg to put aside party politics and do what’s best for the country.  He needs to know how much Bristol South residents care about our NHS – that’s why I’m calling on everyone in Bristol South to email Nick Clegg and tell him that we won’t stand by while our NHS is damaged.  Be polite, and be constructive, but please do let Nick Clegg know that he has to listen.

The Coalition document promised that there would be no top-down reorganisation of the NHS, now it’s time for Nick Clegg to use his influence in Government and make David Cameron consign this legislation to the bin.”      

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