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MPs Allowance Receipts

Statement on the Additional Costs claimed by Dawn Primarolo MP

As an Avon County Councillor and since elected to Parliament in 1987 I have regarded it a privilege to represent the people in my community.     I have always been acutely aware that, as a public servant, my salary and related costs are paid by the tax payer and I have, I believe, been honest and scrupulous in the way that I have claimed, and accounted for the claims, I have made against the Additional Cost Allowance established to enable MPs to afford additional expenses incurred in staying overnight away from their main home while performing Parliamentary duties, for example by renting or buying accommodation in London.

Indeed I want to reassure my party members and constituents that I believe I have observed not only the letter of the rules concerning my claims against the ACA but the spirit too.  My claims relate only to those costs which are essential for me to fulfil my responsibilities in Westminster.

It’s my belief that when party members and the public send their representatives to Westminster they accept that they should be paid fairly and recompensed for reasonable and legitimate costs associated with travelling to and maintaining accommodation in which they stay whilst in London.

Members of my party and constituents who wish to see the details of my claims can click on the links below. I have also been posting information on my website providing detail beyond that which is published for all MPs on the parliamentary website.

From these records it can be seen that my claims have comprised of mortgage interest, council tax and utilities for an apartment I maintain in London.  I have always had my main home in Bristol and claimed for accommodation costs in London, except for a period between 1997 and 2004 during which, as a Minister, this was prohibited.

If I may, on a personal note, I would like to add that it is my hope that my party and constituents will agree that their Members of Parliament should be paid fairly for what after all is an important role.   In a democracy it is not in anyone’s interest to operate a system that means only those who are wealthy and have independent means can afford to be an MP as was the case until 1911 before which time MPs did not receive a salary.  An independent pay review body sets the salaries for MPs and I happily accept its recommendations.

I would also be happy to accept the recommendations of a similar independent body established to regulate the additional cost allowances and sincerely hope that such arrangements are put into place quickly.

Dawn Primarolo MP
Member of Parliament for Bristol South


Full Additional Cost Allowance Receipts, by financial year:

Explanatory note:
You will see that some sections of the receipts have been blanked out as required by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the House of Commons Fees Office.  These areas do not hide purchases, but are to protect sensitive information such as bank account details, addresses and telephone numbers and information which could be used to identify other people.

You may also notice irregular page numbering in some places.  This is because non-relevant pages have been deleted (eg fax cover notes) which is also a requirement as above.

NOTE: The PDF files listed are not compatible with Abode Reader version 6.x or older, and will only work with version v7.x onwards. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free from If you are experiencing difficulties opening the files, you should find that this resolves the issue. If you have any further issues however, please don't hesitate to get in contact with Dawn's office.

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