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MPs Allowances Published

This week saw the publication of MPs allowances for 2007/08.  You can find information for all MPs at the Parliament website -


However, to make it easier for residents of Bristol South to see what I have claimed, I have included details of my claim below.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


1.  Cost of Staying Away from Home:


This is paid to reimburse MPs for necessary costs incurred when staying overnight away from their home.  When Parliament is sitting, I normally have to be in London from Monday until Thursday.  I sometimes have to stay in London on Fridays due to Parliamentary business, and occasionally have to stay at the weekend due to Ministerial responsibilities.  My home is in Bristol South, so I use this allowance to pay for essential accommodation in London.


In 2007/08, I claimed £23,083.

This was made up of:            Mortgage interest payments: £14,335

                                                Service charge on my flat: £6236.90

Utilities & TV Licence: £471.10

Council Tax: £1780
Telephone and broadband costs: £260.


2.  London Supplement:

This is paid to MPs in London, to cover the higher cost of living in the capital. 

I do not claim this allowance.


3.  Office Running Costs:
This pays for the costs of running my busy office in Bedminster, and covers items like rent, office equipment and phone bills.

In 2007/08, I claimed £18,050.


4.  Staffing Costs:
I employ five members of staff, all of whom work for me in Bristol.  This allowance pays their salaries, and employers National Insurance contributions.

In 2007/08, I claimed £90,500.

5.  Centrally Purchased Stationery:
This sets out the costs of stationery items ordered from the central supplier.


In 2007/08, I claimed £581.

5a. Stationery: Associated Postage Costs:
This covers the cost of postage for use in connection with my duties as an MP, and is largely made up of letters to residents in Bristol South and Government departments and agencies.

In 2007/08, I claimed £1,511.

6.  Central IT Provision:
My office has four desktop PCs, one laptop and two printers. 

In 2007/08, I claimed £1,192.

7.  Staff Cover and Other Costs:
This allowance provides for costs including support for temporary staff employed in the case of staff absence due to sickness or maternity leave.

In 2007/08, I did not claim for this allowance.

8.  Communications Allowance:
This allows me to proactively communicate with local residents about a range of issues, and pays for my Parliamentary Report, which is delivered to every home in the constituency.

In 2007/08, I claimed £9,730.

9.  Travel Expenditure
a) Regular journeys between home/constituency and Westminster:
This pays for travel to and from London on Parliamentary business.

In 2007/08, I claimed £4,455 for train fares, and £860 for car mileage.


b) Travel – Other:
This includes car parking, bicycle travel and season tickets. 

In 2007/08, I did not claim for this allowance.


c) Travel – European:
This provides for travel and subsistence costs for up to three visits a year to EU institutions and agencies, the Parliaments of EU member states, European Free Trade Association states, or candidate states.


In 2007/08, I did not claim for this allowance.

d) MP Spouse and Family Travel:

MPs spouses, civil partners and children up to the age of 18 are entitled to up to 30 single journeys between the constituency and Westminster each year.


In 2007/08, I did not claim for this allowance.


e) MP Employee Travel:
This pays for up to 24 single journeys between the constituency and Westminster.  My staff can claim for these journeys when they visit London for training courses or other Parliamentary business.


In 2007/08, my office claimed £654 for this allowance. 


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