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Riots: Dawn Primarolo's response


Dawn Primarolo, Labour’s MP for Bristol South, has praised the city’s emergency services after a quieter night in Bristol following Monday evening’s riots.


Commenting, Dawn said:


The dedication and bravery of our emergency services has never been in doubt.  A significant police presence in Bristol last night ensured that any disorder was limited.  Of course, any violence at all is wholly unacceptable, and it is not right that some shops felt forced to close early to combat the threat of violence.”


“Bristol is a safe city, where we get along with each other.  Bristolians will not tolerate this thuggish behaviour which has threatened our city in the past few days, and we will support the police in their efforts to keep our streets safe.”


“Now is not the time to make political points.  The first priority for the Government must be to keep the streets safe so that people are free to go to work, socialise with friends and use shops, bars and restaurants.  We have seen in London that increasing the number of police officers on the streets helps make decent people feel safe and deters criminal activity.”


“In time, the Government must reflect on the very basic fact that we are all safer when there are more police on the beat.  As well as responding to emergencies, the police in recent years have really re-engaged with their communities.  That includes getting involved with activities to give young people something to do during the school holidays and it is impossible to overestimate the importance of that sort of work.  We have communities in Bristol South where the police were once viewed with suspicion but now, thanks to so much hard work, our police teams are trusted faces in all of our communities.”


“Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in our police to make sure that community policing continues to work alongside the very important work the police do when they respond to emergencies.  The Mayor of London has at last got it right when he says this is not the time to cut the police – we need to make sure the Government listens.” 


Dawn will be out and about meeting residents in Bristol South today, before heading to London for tomorrow’s Parliamentary debate. 


Posted on 10 August 2011



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